How Can I Help My Cockapoo If He Suffers From Separation Anxiety?

Keep calm and love Cockapoos

The best way to help your Cockapoo if he suffers from separation anxiety is to be patient, be understanding, but have a plan.

Cockapoos, regardless of age, find it difficult to move away from their parent or caregiver. If cockapoos are a breed that can suffer from this problem, any dog can suffer from it.

Cockapoos of any age can suffer. Puppies should not be left alone at home for too long, so this problem should be minimal at this stage, but it should always be taken into account.

Adult cockapoos and the elderly also suffer from separation anxiety, as they have a strong bond that has formed over time with their owner.

Things to Do

First of all, it is better not to be angry with the Cockapoo or the situation. If a Cockapoo faces this problem, it is because he loves and loves spending time with his family or pet so much. They want nothing more than to go where their loved one is and be with them.

Having a plan can help if a Cockapoo who is left home alone for a while is suffering from this problem.

Offering a little love in the form of a garment with the smell of the parent or caregiver can go a long way in soothing a stressed puppy, adult, or elderly Cockapoo. (See

Before leaving, spending a special time with the dog every time he is left behind can tell him that it is time to spend time alone until the return of the loved one.

The same applies when the parent or loved one returns. Sharing special moments can go a long way in restoring peace during the absence, as long as you do so regularly.

In case of absence, various tricks can help. A camera can be installed using an app that allows the pet parent to talk with the Cockapoo while they are away. This can help the puppy or adult Cockapoo feel better.

Finally, it is very important to make sure that they are in a safe place. Most pet parents don’t think this is necessary for older Cockapoos who are left home alone and suffer from separation anxiety. Yet it is essential at any age.

Older puppies and cockapoos can get hurt or hurt in some way, through no fault of their own. They can also cling to objects, regardless of their age.

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Why Your Dog Sleeps Next To You

Dogs sleep with their owners for many reasons, but not all of them respond to their biological needs. Do you want to know what this behavior is due to?

Below, we explain 5 reasons why dogs sleep with their owners.

Demonstration of love

Through this behavior, your dog seeks to convey the enormous affection he feels for you. Your warmth and presence convey security and love to the canine and, at the same time, he seeks to be around to protect you from all threats. Canids are social animals by nature, so they tend to stay in company.

Feeling of security by your side

Another reason your dog sleeps next to you is that he feels protective. In general, dogs see their owners as an example to follow and as a protective figure, something even more striking in small breed dogs. That’s why it’s normal for your pet to follow you around and stare at you to know what to do in specific cases.

On the other hand, it is important to clarify that the dog only sleeps with the family member that conveys the most trust. This person is the one who most interacts with the animal and who takes care of its care and feeding.

Desire to protect your master

Dogs are herd animals. Therefore, their instinct tells them that they must protect their own. In a domestic environment, it is common to observe that the dog sleeps together with the intention of protecting its owners and at the same time feeling protected. This situation has a clear biological basis: sleep is the time when man and dog are most vulnerable.

Search for human warmth

Temperature is another factor that determines your dog’s need to sleep next to you. It is common to observe the animal’s desire to get under the covers or to snuggle very close to you in the winter, as mammals are “walking heaters”.

In the same way, this behavior is also appreciated when the dog looks for the areas of the house where the sun’s rays hit directly. However, the search for sunlight also has other reasons, such as improved sleep, vitamin D absorption, and serotonin production.

Doesn’t like his own bed

A dog’s sleep level can determine whether or not they are happy to sleep in a certain place. Likewise, the material and shape of your bed will determine your resting place. For this reason, it is common for your dog to decide to rest on your couch or bed, especially if he can be by your side.

If you want to put an end to this situation, it is advisable to acquire a much more comfortable bed or pillow, so that the dog can get used to its new resting place. The change should be gradual, so it’s important to place the new bed close to yours or the sofa and add obstacles so the dog doesn’t climb up.

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Why Take Your Kitty to a Cat Boarding Center?

When the holidays arrive, the happiness of enjoying the well-deserved rest is clouded by the concern of where to leave your cat. Ruled out the option of leaving him alone at home, and if no friend or relative can take care of him, a good option is a cat hotel. So that you leave more calmly, in this article we tell you what are the pros and cons of leaving your cat in a hotel.

Can a cat stay home alone?

Living with a cat at home entails a responsibility that, sometimes, implies certain resignations. We are not going to tell you that you cannot go on vacation if you have a cat, but you must take responsibility for its well-being when you are not there. If you go on vacation and cannot take your cat, there are basically three options:

  • That you leave your cat at home with everything necessary for its well-being and a person you trust goes, at least once a day, to check that the cat is well, has access to water and food, the litter box is clean, etc…
  • Take your cat to a friend or family member’s house. Although cats do not like changes, if you already know that person and they are sociable cats, it should not be a problem.
  • Lastly, if all else fails, you can opt for a cat hotel. In this case, take your time to choose the most suitable according to the personality of your cat. You already know that cats do not like changes and that they can get stressed easily. To help you decide, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of leaving your cat in a hotel.

There are fantastic cat hotels that have thought of every detail, are cute, well run, and have never had a problem with a guest. However, despite all this, your cat may not be ready to be left in a hotel. To help you make the decision, and improve your cat’s circumstances, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of leaving your cat in a hotel.

Why Choose a Cat Boarding?

  • If your cat is sociable, he will appreciate having playmates.
  • With proper licensed boarding facilities and surveillance, your cat will enjoy the freedom to explore and forget about the stress of leaving and going.
  • You can take advantage of an expert to help you improve your cat’s behavior.
  • Living with other cats acquires more socialization tools.

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Welcoming a New Mini-Bernese Puppy To Your Home

If you made the decision to welcome a new mini Bernese mountain dog to your family, keep the following recommendations in mind and everything will be fine: 

Check your home 

It is important that you make a round of your house to detect what can put your new pet’s life at risk You must prevent it from bumping into cables, plugs, toxic products, medicines, plants, prohibited foods, or small objects that could choke it. If you have a balcony or terrace, make sure it has enough security to avoid accidents. 

Visit a vet 

Once your pet is installed at home, you should visit your veterinarian, for a general check-up, start his deworming, and carry out the vaccination process. If you don’t know how to find a good vet, you can talk to your mini Bernese mountain dog to help you find one.

Learn all about vaccinations for a new pet 

One of the most important aspects to consider is vaccination. This process is important because it prevents fatal diseases in our pets and in humans some diseases such as rabies and leptospira. If the puppy or kitten that comes to your home comes from a kennel or a family, check what vaccines they have before taking them home. In the case of puppies, it is recommended that they have at least the first two doses of the vaccination plan and that they are not less than 2 months old.

In the event that the pet is adopted from a foundation, a shelter, or a foster home, you should also consult the vaccines it has, regardless of its age, or if it has evidence of canine parvovirus or distemper (distemper), in the case of dogs.

In the case of dogs rescued from the street, you will need to take them to a veterinarian to carry out the respective virus tests and start the entire vaccination scheme according to their age.

Puppy vaccines

In the first year of your dog’s life, you must have 6 vaccinations:

  • Puppy: 6 weeks/45 days: protects against canine distemper and parvovirus.
  • Penta first dose: 8 weeks/60 days: protects against distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and leptospira.
  • Kennel cough: 8 weeks/60 days: protects them from infections transmitted by contact with nasal secretions from a sick dog to another that is not vaccinated, in parks, kennels and dog schools, veterinary clinics, closed sets
  • Penta second dose: 10 weeks/74 days: protects against distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and leptospira.
  • Kennel cough: 10 weeks/74 days: protects them from infections transmitted by contact with nasal secretions from one sick dog to another that is not vaccinated, in parks, kennels and dog schools, veterinary clinics, closed sets
  • Rabies: 15 weeks/108 days – Protects against rabies.

These vaccines are applied to all puppies regardless of their breed or size and should always be applied by a veterinarian. 

Always ensure you find a good Mini Bernese Mountain dog breeder if you intend to bring home a new pup.

3 Common Pests That Can Be Eliminated Through Fumigation

In your homes, the presence of pests is very common, especially if we live in urban areas near food stores or in neighborhoods that have a deficit in garbage collection. But we must not normalize the presence of these animals that in many moments of human history have generated great epidemics. Among the main pests that you can find where you live or work and you can eliminate by spraying are:

  1. Cockroaches 

Roaches are undoubtedly one of the most common pests that we could have in our homes, businesses, and companies. They are creeping pests that travel through dirty places and because of the diversity of foods that it usually ingests, ranging from paper to decomposing meat. Direct and indirect transmission of various germs and bacteria that cause a long list of very dangerous diseases.

The prevention of this plague is achieved with deep cleaning on a daily basis,

  1. Termites:

For its part, this terrible destroyer is a very common pest in our gardens and patios that not only takes the life out of our trees but is also capable of invading the interior of our homes and ending in a short time with our frames, doors, tables, chairs, beds and other wooden furniture, before we know it, as it tends to destroy them from the inside out.

In addition, they tend to eat paper, which can damage your important documents or your favorite books. Due to its difficult detection and access for extermination, it is best to put it in the hands of experts who, with the appropriate equipment and insecticides, will be able to reach the difficult places where they hide.

  1. Mice and rats

For their part, these rodents are very common in our homes and businesses. It is a pest capable of destroying our walls, doors, containers, and food packaging. To feed, nest, and have large offspring. Like cockroaches, flukes, and flies, it is capable of serving as a spreading agent for multiple diseases. This is due to its unhygienic habits, (and not only because of its bite as we usually think), since many of the viruses are normally found in urine, saliva, or excrement of these animals that they deposit everywhere they pass.

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5 reasons to get a golden retriever

Golden Retriever is the world’s most popular dog breed to have ever existed, not only are they handsome and beautiful they are the best companions you’ll ever get in a dog. Here will be able to discuss some of the main reasons you should be going for a golden retriever.

1.     Affectionate and Loving

This is a kind of dog breeds that happily enjoys the company of humans. They are naturally calm and tender therefore making them easily lovable. They can come up with anything to make you happy when you feeling sad. This explains why they are the companion to anyone lonely or heartbroken

2.     They are beautiful

One glance and you will never take your eyes off a golden retriever. They the most beautiful thing you’ll ever come across, from their beautiful eyes and fur you be happy to cuddle them on daily basis. These amazing attributes distinguish them from other dog’s breeds making them more favorable.

3.     They are easy to train

They are one of the smartest dogs to ever exist in the world, therefore they are considered easy to train and can learn a lot of commands and tricks in a single session, Training sessions provide you with an opportunity to present your dog with the best attributes that will be able to work for both of you. The fact that the dog can master tricks and commands within a short period saves you time.

4.     They will give you comfort

You’ll never feel sad when in the company of a golden retriever, they are the best in comforting and providing you with a warm hug. They can know when you are sad and upset and they will offer you a hairy hug. They are more valuable than a human friend. You always run home when you feel like you need a friend to comfort you.

5.     They will help you exercise

It is very rare to organize for a regular exercise no matter how dedicated you are, but with a golden retriever, you have no option but exercise daily. They love being taken for a walk and allowed to run up and down. This will help you to live a healthy life without having to spend much more on gym subscriptions.

Final words

Considering these reasons, golden retrievers are heaven-sent. If you look at some of the benefits they all based on ensuring that you live a healthy and happy life. Therefore, never leave a chance of getting a golden retriever to pass you. One of the best Golden Retriever breeders is You can also get dog training services from them.

Benefits of Having a Personal Protection Dog

Many families around America and across the whole world are considering adding %LINK2% to their lives and homes. When it comes to protection dogs, it is not only about getting a dog that can offer the needed protection. Rather, you must be ready to stay with the dog and attend to his needs accordingly.

One of the things you must be committed to when handling a protection dog is to maintain continual training. The best part is that the protection dog comes with plenty of benefits that you can enjoy. Here are the common benefits of a personal protection dog;

  • They are usually fully trained

So yes, you need to maintain continual training with your protection dog, you will usually buy him when he is fully trained. The guard dog normally comes when he has undergone strict and intense training that helps him to be good at sensing any danger and protect you accordingly.

  • More reliable than a gun or alarm system

Did you know that a protection dog is more reliable at keeping you safe than an alarm system or a gun? You see, a dog will sense any danger from afar, and alert you before it happens. He might be in the house, but he can tell if there is a stranger outside. An alarm system can be hacked and it depends on electricity. On the other hand, a gun only depends on enough bullets and proper shooting skills.

But the guardian angels protection dogs will always be ready to take on any danger. The dog can disable the culprit if they invade your property. All you’ll need to do is stay put and let the dog do his thing.

  • They go with you everywhere

While you might not carry the gun wherever you go or use your alarm system when walking outside, the protection will follow you almost anywhere you go. With this, you won’t have to worry about someone mugging you or walking alone in risky neighborhoods. The dog is perfectly trained to keep you safe at all times. Also, nobody would try to provoke a well-trained guard dog.

Also, these dogs are great family companions, they make the home feel safer, and they are quite friendly to anyone friendly.

Who Should Get a Personal Protection Dog?

They are the best choice for single women, families, property owners, senior citizens, police, government officials, handicapped individuals, or anyone that needs personal protection.

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What You Need to Know About the Dutch Shepherd


The Dutch Shepherd breeds originate from the Netherlands where it was first discovered. It is a medium-large breed of dog that was mainly used as a herding dog by farmers, as they are easy to train and can adjust to any environment.  This breed has been of existence for a long period, but you will be surprised that people know very little about it.  Here will be able to discuss some of the facts you didn’t know about the Dutch shepherds.

1.     Where they came from

They originated from the Netherlands in the early 1800s, they were mainly kept as herding dogs and used for security, keeping strangers away. These dogs were preferred for this task due to their versatility and for being the strongest breed available. However, this breed decreased with time as industrialization was picking up pace.

2.     How friendly are they?

Even though Dutch shepherd is a guard and watchdogs, they are also smart and energetic to play with their loyal families. They love children and they are protective of their owner, making them the best company for kids during family moments. Training and exercise for this dog it’s essential in ensuring that they are at best on every occasion.

3.     Temperament / Behavior

The Dutch shepherd will only protect what belongs to him and alert you when there is any danger. This might be the main reason why they are commonly used as watchdogs. It is believed that these dogs also have human-like traits distinguishing them from other types of breeds. Despite this, they still need constant training to keep them up to the speed of what you expect from them.

4.     Common Health Problems

With this kind of breed, you will never worry about serious physical or mental hereditary illnesses. This provides you with the best opportunity to have a lifetime companion without having to worry about seeing a veterinary frequently.

5.     Exercise Requirements

This type of breeds is too strong therefore you should be able to keep up with their demands. Daily exercise is a basic need for these dogs, they love taking a long walk, hikes, and bike rides. Having a backyard that is large enough could be a better option for the dog to run around it.

 Final words

Dutch Shepherd is slowly becoming famous after facing extinction scare, this is after people discovered a lot of benefits the can get from the dog’s. Now that you have learned more about the breed you can move a step further to owning it.

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