3 Common Pests That Can Be Eliminated Through Fumigation

In your homes, the presence of pests is very common, especially if we live in urban areas near food stores or in neighborhoods that have a deficit in garbage collection. But we must not normalize the presence of these animals that in many moments of human history have generated great epidemics. Among the main pests that you can find where you live or work and you can eliminate by spraying are:

  1. Cockroaches 

Roaches are undoubtedly one of the most common pests that we could have in our homes, businesses, and companies. They are creeping pests that travel through dirty places and because of the diversity of foods that it usually ingests, ranging from paper to decomposing meat. Direct and indirect transmission of various germs and bacteria that cause a long list of very dangerous diseases.

The prevention of this plague is achieved with deep cleaning on a daily basis,

  1. Termites:

For its part, this terrible destroyer is a very common pest in our gardens and patios that not only takes the life out of our trees but is also capable of invading the interior of our homes and ending in a short time with our frames, doors, tables, chairs, beds and other wooden furniture, before we know it, as it tends to destroy them from the inside out.

In addition, they tend to eat paper, which can damage your important documents or your favorite books. Due to its difficult detection and access for extermination, it is best to put it in the hands of experts who, with the appropriate equipment and insecticides, will be able to reach the difficult places where they hide.

  1. Mice and rats

For their part, these rodents are very common in our homes and businesses. It is a pest capable of destroying our walls, doors, containers, and food packaging. To feed, nest, and have large offspring. Like cockroaches, flukes, and flies, it is capable of serving as a spreading agent for multiple diseases. This is due to its unhygienic habits, (and not only because of its bite as we usually think), since many of the viruses are normally found in urine, saliva, or excrement of these animals that they deposit everywhere they pass.

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