Dog Boarding

Hotel for dogs in Balham, London

If you are looking for a hotel for dogs in Balham, London, you have found it. The Hynotist notebook – Dog Hypnotherapy in Balham, London is a luxury pet daycare and is specially designed to meet all the requirements of your dog.


  • You cannot take your dog with you when you travel.
  • You need to leave your dog in the care of trusted people because an unforeseen event has arisen.
  • You want your dog to be trained because you don’t have time to do it

Don’t worry! Luckily, at HYNOTIST NOTEBOOK – DOG HYPNOTHERAPY we offer you to cover all these requirements. Your dog will be in an ideal environment, with all the comforts. And with 24 hour surveillance.

Certainly. Each dog staying at the hotel for dogs in Balham, London HYNOTIST NOTEBOOK – DOG HYPNOTHERAPY receives personalized attention.

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Luxury canine residence in Balham, London

We have excellent facilities to serve and enjoy your dog.

  • Individual places.
  • Double rooms for two dogs.
  • Heated places for delicate dogs.
  • Recreation parks.
  • Permanent veterinary attention

Outside Boxes

  • 100 individual Boxes, covered and with booth.
  • Rest guaranteed by the quiet environment, the quality of the facilities and the appropriate attention included in the basic price of accommodation.
  • You can also hire different supplementary services during your stay (extra walks, swimming in the dog pool, treadmill exercise, technical training for structural dog shows, veterinary care, dog grooming). And also take the opportunity to carry out Training in Residence.


Air-conditioned interior spaces

In addition, we have places inside the house with a pleasant temperature both in summer and winter.

Especially recommended for older dogs, delicate or used to sleeping at home.



Large recreation parks where dogs walk, amuse themselves, exercise and train under the supervision of specialized monitors.

I think Happy Dog

Composite feed of the German brand Happy Dog is administered, distributing the daily dose in two doses.

Happy Dog has a wide range of food products, made with natural ingredients, which are perfectly adapted to the particular characteristics of each dog. And, when necessary, nutritional supplements, diet food or medication are provided.