Dog Grooming and Aesthetics

The dog grooming experts provides a perfect appearance to your dog, and, in addition, it is useful for its well-being and health.

How is the hairdressing service carried out?

The first step is the complete examination of the dog. It is determined if there are dermatological, dental or auricular alterations.

Next, we proceed to brushing, removing dead hair.

It is followed by a bath, with a shampoo suitable for the animal’s hair and with antiparasitic products.

Finally, nail cutting is carried out, if necessary. It is used to clean the pads.

All this process, carried out calmly and professionally, reactivates the pet’s circulation, while relaxing it.

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Carl Peters, head of the HYNOTIST NOTEBOOK – DOG HYPNOTHERAPY. dog grooming salon, is an expert in handling all kinds of dogs.

Know and perform each type of cut according to the breed.

  • cut with scissors
  • Conditioning with a razor
  • machine shave
  • Stripping for wire-haired dogs

A complete service includes:

  • Haircut
  • Bath
  • Massage
  • Nail cutting
  • Cleaning of interdigital spaces and plantar pads
  • Cliperwork (shaving of the genitals and the tummy)
  • Emptying of perianal glands,
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Final brushing

If you leave your dog in residence, hire our dog grooming service. Your dog and you will appreciate it.