How Can I Help My Cockapoo If He Suffers From Separation Anxiety?

Keep calm and love Cockapoos

The best way to help your Cockapoo if he suffers from separation anxiety is to be patient, be understanding, but have a plan.

Cockapoos, regardless of age, find it difficult to move away from their parent or caregiver. If cockapoos are a breed that can suffer from this problem, any dog can suffer from it.

Cockapoos of any age can suffer. Puppies should not be left alone at home for too long, so this problem should be minimal at this stage, but it should always be taken into account.

Adult cockapoos and the elderly also suffer from separation anxiety, as they have a strong bond that has formed over time with their owner.

Things to Do

First of all, it is better not to be angry with the Cockapoo or the situation. If a Cockapoo faces this problem, it is because he loves and loves spending time with his family or pet so much. They want nothing more than to go where their loved one is and be with them.

Having a plan can help if a Cockapoo who is left home alone for a while is suffering from this problem.

Offering a little love in the form of a garment with the smell of the parent or caregiver can go a long way in soothing a stressed puppy, adult, or elderly Cockapoo. (See

Before leaving, spending a special time with the dog every time he is left behind can tell him that it is time to spend time alone until the return of the loved one.

The same applies when the parent or loved one returns. Sharing special moments can go a long way in restoring peace during the absence, as long as you do so regularly.

In case of absence, various tricks can help. A camera can be installed using an app that allows the pet parent to talk with the Cockapoo while they are away. This can help the puppy or adult Cockapoo feel better.

Finally, it is very important to make sure that they are in a safe place. Most pet parents don’t think this is necessary for older Cockapoos who are left home alone and suffer from separation anxiety. Yet it is essential at any age.

Older puppies and cockapoos can get hurt or hurt in some way, through no fault of their own. They can also cling to objects, regardless of their age.

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