What You Need to Know About the Dutch Shepherd


The Dutch Shepherd breeds originate from the Netherlands where it was first discovered. It is a medium-large breed of dog that was mainly used as a herding dog by farmers, as they are easy to train and can adjust to any environment.  This breed has been of existence for a long period, but you will be surprised that people know very little about it.  Here will be able to discuss some of the facts you didn’t know about the Dutch shepherds.

1.     Where they came from

They originated from the Netherlands in the early 1800s, they were mainly kept as herding dogs and used for security, keeping strangers away. These dogs were preferred for this task due to their versatility and for being the strongest breed available. However, this breed decreased with time as industrialization was picking up pace.

2.     How friendly are they?

Even though Dutch shepherd is a guard and watchdogs, they are also smart and energetic to play with their loyal families. They love children and they are protective of their owner, making them the best company for kids during family moments. Training and exercise for this dog it’s essential in ensuring that they are at best on every occasion.

3.     Temperament / Behavior

The Dutch shepherd will only protect what belongs to him and alert you when there is any danger. This might be the main reason why they are commonly used as watchdogs. It is believed that these dogs also have human-like traits distinguishing them from other types of breeds. Despite this, they still need constant training to keep them up to the speed of what you expect from them.

4.     Common Health Problems

With this kind of breed, you will never worry about serious physical or mental hereditary illnesses. This provides you with the best opportunity to have a lifetime companion without having to worry about seeing a veterinary frequently.

5.     Exercise Requirements

This type of breeds is too strong therefore you should be able to keep up with their demands. Daily exercise is a basic need for these dogs, they love taking a long walk, hikes, and bike rides. Having a backyard that is large enough could be a better option for the dog to run around it.

 Final words

Dutch Shepherd is slowly becoming famous after facing extinction scare, this is after people discovered a lot of benefits the can get from the dog’s. Now that you have learned more about the breed you can move a step further to owning it.

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