Why Your Dog Sleeps Next To You

Dogs sleep with their owners for many reasons, but not all of them respond to their biological needs. Do you want to know what this behavior is due to?

Below, we explain 5 reasons why dogs sleep with their owners.

Demonstration of love

Through this behavior, your dog seeks to convey the enormous affection he feels for you. Your warmth and presence convey security and love to the canine and, at the same time, he seeks to be around to protect you from all threats. Canids are social animals by nature, so they tend to stay in company.

Feeling of security by your side

Another reason your dog sleeps next to you is that he feels protective. In general, dogs see their owners as an example to follow and as a protective figure, something even more striking in small breed dogs. That’s why it’s normal for your pet to follow you around and stare at you to know what to do in specific cases.

On the other hand, it is important to clarify that the dog only sleeps with the family member that conveys the most trust. This person is the one who most interacts with the animal and who takes care of its care and feeding.

Desire to protect your master

Dogs are herd animals. Therefore, their instinct tells them that they must protect their own. In a domestic environment, it is common to observe that the dog sleeps together with the intention of protecting its owners and at the same time feeling protected. This situation has a clear biological basis: sleep is the time when man and dog are most vulnerable.

Search for human warmth

Temperature is another factor that determines your dog’s need to sleep next to you. It is common to observe the animal’s desire to get under the covers or to snuggle very close to you in the winter, as mammals are “walking heaters”.

In the same way, this behavior is also appreciated when the dog looks for the areas of the house where the sun’s rays hit directly. However, the search for sunlight also has other reasons, such as improved sleep, vitamin D absorption, and serotonin production.

Doesn’t like his own bed

A dog’s sleep level can determine whether or not they are happy to sleep in a certain place. Likewise, the material and shape of your bed will determine your resting place. For this reason, it is common for your dog to decide to rest on your couch or bed, especially if he can be by your side.

If you want to put an end to this situation, it is advisable to acquire a much more comfortable bed or pillow, so that the dog can get used to its new resting place. The change should be gradual, so it’s important to place the new bed close to yours or the sofa and add obstacles so the dog doesn’t climb up.

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